Wednesday, 17 November 2010

we are f***ed

last night was the shizz.
the ambient lighting was present.
the food smells were absent.
the laughter was unforced.
and the host was ace.
if only he owned the place he hosted his dinner at...

meet the 1.1m flat!

I have reasons to believe that the real owner of the flat is in fact a superhero (with dubious taste for art) - check out his lycra on the left (dubious art on the right).

meet our chef of the night - Sasha Mantel

the guests - Luq (bottom right, insisted on plaing this game induced by scientology - it tests your resistance skills to the outer world particles or something), Chris, Isabelle (who totally overated Gareth), Oksana

the starter was mouthwatering (even though the mayo wasn't lovingly made from scratch, as was, no doubt, expected)

the main made us all wish we could have one of Sashas in our kitchens at all times too

the pudding wasn't a disaster but it made us question Sasha's commitment to pure cooking once again (the ice cream was shop bought - waitrose own brand, no less)

overall, we were happy - Sasha looked happy. we got merry and we all shlept back to our, less impresive, pads.

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