Monday, 8 November 2010

Frequently asked questions...

What is the prize?
A 5 day trip to Buenos Aires, to have Augusto cook you an Argentine BBQ.

How does the scoring work?
Scoring will take place in secret, the day after each dinner party. All scores will be emailed to Ania and she will keep them under wraps until the winners are announced.

How long does the competition last for?
The first round of the competition will last for 7 weeks. That gives you 7 weeks to complete 5 dinners. When the first round is over the winners will be announced. These people will be the ones to go through to the finals (probably after Xmas) and compete for the trip to Buenos Aires.

Why are the groups allocated by postcode?
To break social moulds, shake up departmental comforts and revolutionise the 4th floor / 5th floor / basement divide. And because we don’t want to be travelling half way across London on a school night.

How much should I spend on the meal?
There is no suggested budget, spend as much or as little as you want. But remember, you’re being judged on the nosh, not the posh.

Can I leave early to prepare my meal?
When it’s your turn to host Come Dine With Me you’re allowed to leave at 4pm. Yay!

Do I have to pay for it myself?
Um, yes. And since you’re going to be the guest at 4 other dinner parties, it’s a pretty good deal.

Can I get someone to help me?
No. And good luck to you if you try.

Can I just serve a main course?
No, Come Dine With Me is supposed to consist of 3 courses. Starter, main and dessert.

As a guest, what do I need to do?
Turn up. Eat, drink and be ready to score them the next day!

I don't have enough chairs for 5 people, what do you suggest?
For the purposes of this competition, you’re allowed to borrow a couple of chairs from work. Thank you Kev Mullen.

Do I need to provide entertainment?
Entertainment is entirely optional. Just ask yourself, “how many points do I want to score?”

I have a large rottweiler, is this ok?
As long as they’re not prone to attacking humans, we don’t see why not...

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